Sunday, June 10, 2007

Ignition problems

Sometimes when I turn the key the starter doesn't turn. But I get a click from the solenoid. I did a bunch of diagnostics and checks.
1. Check all the battery cables and ground strips.
2. Check the connection to the solenoid.
3. Take the brown and white wire on the alternator and ground it then see if the ignition light comes on (this makes sure the ignition light works).
- The light is good but I think I could work on the alternator connections a little - I didn't really clean them that well and I should go back and do it properly.
4. Took it to advance auto parts and had them run a check on the system. Here is the result.

Fascinating stuff. Well it turns out that the starter isn't looking too good. So I took it off and had a look. This is what I found.

So I think I will replace the starter and solenoid. I should be able to get the pair for under $150. The rubber seal is really messed up and the starter is the original lucas one, so it has seen some good service. I'll run by the auto part store and order one this week.


ignition systems said...

I have a problem with a 1997 Ford Fiesta 1.25 Zete-S engine. it suddenly cuts ignition for a half a second, and I'm suspecting it may be a cranks position sensor. Only problem is where the h...k is the sensor. Is it located in transmission to sneak cranks position from flywheel or is it somewhere else? What does it look like?

Thank you in advance

gatorbrit said...

Thanks for your comment and I wish I could help, but I have really no experience with Fiestas. Is there a Fiesta internet forum you could check out - I know that the MG web community has been invaluable to me.
Good luck.