Sunday, September 16, 2007

Rebuilding the clutch slave cylinder

I finally got around to rebuilding the slave cylinder. The replacement parts from the rebuild kit from Moss are the rubber end piece and the small plastic disc. I also ordered a new piston shaft and clevis pin. The picture shows the components of the slave cylinder.

The cylinder itself was quite dirty and took a good amount of elbow grease to get it clean on the inside and outside. The metal piston head was also pretty dirty. Reassembly is pretty easy. Spring first, then plastic piston end, metal piston head and then the rubber end piece. The end piece has two metal rings, one for the inside and one for the outside.

You can see that the end hole in the old piston shaft is elongated due to wear giving the clutch a sloppy feel (or lash as I think they call it). So I was glad to replace this part - BUT the Moss part was too wide for the end of the clutch fork. Fortunately, my neighbor has a grinding wheel and we were able to grind it to the right width.

Bleeding the clutch system is a little tiring, and really must be done with two people. You'll know when its not done because you won't be able to put the car in gear. Once it was done properly, the car shifts nicely and the clutch action is smooth and easy.


Debbie said...

Hi, I have 1980 MGB. I'm trying to rebuilt my clutch slave cylinder. I took it apart and I only have the big rubber part with a little washer behind it . I didn't have all the other parts that you showed in the picture. Is there different part for different years?

gatorbrit said...

Check the page from Moss Motors
It shows all the bits that you should have. I don't think that there is much, if any difference between the 77 and the 80 B so I suspect you are some pieces missing. You can always just replace the entire slave cyl - they are not that expensive

Debbie said...

Hi gatorbrit, I order a repair kit. I got the bigger outer black rubber part and the flat rubber part that I guess goes on the spring. Can you tell me where I can get the spring and the rubber round part that you show in the picture? Thanks so much for helping me!

gatorbrit said...

The rest of what you need should be in the old cylinder. If it is not then you really need to order a new one. I don't think that you can order the other bits on their own. The best place is mossmotors